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August 18, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

My dad and I went to the dental for a test presentation at Clark quay before that we went for lunch at Seoul yummy at Clark .It is a korean cuisine which is my favourite food of all.The food was so delicious I had my Bibibap hot plate a individual set at $20 . Which it comes with a cold roasted barley and a main course which was my KOREAN pancake. Ate 5 plates of Kimchi . ! You must think that I am crazy ! it is Nice and Healthy. Went to the dental after lunch and waited patiently for my turn .Soon It was my turn. .Doctor quake was funny he called me to Called him UNCLE . He called my dad in and told him my teeth case .It was so bad if the worst case if he Cant do it .I have to do JAW cutting .Hope for the best and he will do his best and went to do X-ray and  He is trying to save my Wisdom teeth .Lost my time to earn money this whole week $350 fly away ! Counting down to a week or two to get my VAIO laptop

Cold Roasted barley ( tasted ike beer)

Korean hot plate bibibap,korean pancake ,kimchi