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August 12, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

Clara,Tina,Mary,me and Kelly

It was the end of my life journey working at Vance Groupimage  .It has never been the last and it was a great opportunity and eye opening to work in Vance Group accounts department for 1 1/2 months . I have learnt alot of things during my work experience with all of you.It is my first time working in ACCOUNTS department. Thanks everyone who helped me. I have not only learnt alot and there are many friendly people there.Haha!

I have learnt filing of  P/0 ,statement of accounts, cash book - bank recon,stockage tanks and and helping Liya.Thanks Mary ! for everything and Tingwei ! Thanks for teaching me stuffs like filing in Customer's Deliery Order, etc ... Thanks Kelly for all those filing and stuffs. Missing you guyys!image

Thou,It was a short span in Vance .Thank you for your patience in taking your time to help me and Great working with you all.Not  Forgetting thanks Liya,Clara and Tina  ! Thanks Clara and Peili for the drinks ! Do take and all the best in your future endeavors. Hope to work with you guyys again in future  !
Mary and I
Kelly and I

Clara and I

Tina and I
Peili and Me
 Ting Wei and i