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July 26, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

TGIF ! Yipee ! it is a the most happening day at work this week .The director of my company bought the whole company Royce chocolate -wine and normal dark chocolate .It is so heavenly . I  was very busy at work that I  almost forgot to go home .! Why is everyone making fun of me  .It is so weird .Haha .It is finally the time my  maid return from Indonesia and  my mother 's and dad's friend bought Green and Black's organic chocolate from Sydney . It was the nicest chocolate ever ,not too sweet and ate finish one box.My department and the 2 directors - David and TC went to lunch @ SMU Tiny bites .The food was very nice .Wanted to order eat chicken rice with dumplings but it was unavailable so we ate Chicken rice with chinese sasuage  ,I does not love Chinese sasuage so my was just plain vegetavle chicken and rice.It was good and  the 2 directors bought me drinks -ICED COFFEE ! The office was like living in a cold frozen fridge ANTACTICA  and I put on the hook jacket in the office and my another director Hendricks treated us MAGNIUM ALMOND ! it was a great indeed .