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August 21, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

I was watching  " On the fringe " which is a story of gangster .It was a nice story line and story was true which is happening around everywhere,It is about Tian Yi Bang (Li Nan Xing) was a wayward teenager who was in and out of the reformatory until he was sentenced to  18 years of jail for robbery and assault. After he was discharged from prison 15 years later, he vowed never to go back to his old ways and set out to look for the son he has never met.

Yi Bang’s good friend, Mo Da, mysteriously died two days before he was released from jail. Liu Jia Li (Fann Wong) takes over Mo Da’s criminal organization and tries to rope Yi Bang in to help her. Sha Sha (Rui En) is a blind volunteer worker who befriends Yi Bang while he was in jail and tries to steer him back on course.

Yi Bang finally finds his son Zhi Yong and is devastated that the latter has followed in his footsteps. With Sha Sha’s constant encouragement, Yi Bang  tries to do the right thing to bring himself and Zhi Yong back from the fringe. But jail time has made him out of touch with society and with the proliferation of new media among new gang members, how is he going to succeed?  You should catch it .It so touching !