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September 8, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

My parents brought me and my sister to Phuket:face51: .We were very excited and we are looking very excited.We stay at Marriott Mai Kao beach.We departed Singapore at 8.45 am from Changi Terminal 1 on JESTAR.My dad brought me and my sister to DBS Treasures for breakfast.

Upon arrival at Phuket airport we waited for the:132: complimentary bus to Marriott Mai Kao Beach.The weather was good.When we arrive at around 10.45 am Phuket time .We checked in to the rooms 4352.Wow the rooms were fantastic.We unpacked our stuff before :face38:we called the taxi driver to bring us around. We went for lunch by the sea and we ate seafood .It was good.After our heavy lunch we headed down to Elephant Trekking and it was a 30 min ride which cost us $ 8200 batt .It was very good experience.

My Mum wanted to go Jim Thomson outlet :face8:and we went to take a look saw a pillow for my house living room and it was custom-made and there was only one piece so we did not buy went to buy some goodies such as Banana crisps ,mango slices .Before we headed to Premium Outlet.It was so big but the stuffs does not suit us.Went back to our rooms.

Day 2 :

Both my sister and I went to:face17: JW marriott for a walk at the beach and my mum went to listen to a talk .The beach looks windy and the place look big.Went to the room back at about 3pm :face50:because my sister needs to study and I went to borrow some DVDs.

At about 6.30pm ,the taxi driver brought us to Sunset Beach:face50: ,to have our dinner and see the sunset.It was beautiful.Many flies there.

Day 3:

My Mum and dad went for the Marriott talk while me and my sister:74: I enjoy the rooms and did not did much just laze around and watch some movies :15: .My dad purchase the Membership for marriott and we went for Dinner at Italian restaurant,Cucina and we view the rooms.We went for a stroll at JW Marriott.

Day 4 :

Depart Phuket to Singapore.All of us Enjoy ourselves.Here are more photos.:face18: