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Chapter 208. Recaps of Korean dram of Prime Minister and I and my Chinese New Year
February 4, 2014 - Permalink - 1 Comments
Dear Diary

It's emotionally exhausting watching dramas live on Chinese New Year. It's like walking towards something with a leap of faith and no certainty for what awaits at the end.I can handle the weekly waits because patience can be acquired virtue.What I will never be able to reconcile is the feeling of devastating disappointment that guts you like a child at Christmas opening the biggest  present under the tree discovering a Grandma Knitted a year's supply of holiday sweaters in an array of hideous yarns of colors she picked up for sale at the craft store. A child ones Satisfactions of the most visceral and straightforward ways rather than being told to like's Grandma's presents because it is the thought and efforts that counts.Prime Minister and I  wrapped up today like a lame present hidden in an exciting package. Perhaps I can take takeaway the efforts of the cast and the crew, maybe the moral of the story was true to life and subtly stirring ,It would be this drama works better with time and distance between us.None of that matters through in changing my gut punch reaction when the last scene rolled in episode 17? thats it? thats all? am I supposed to be Happy?
Should I called it a foul and ask for the last 4 episodes to be complete rewritten so that even if nothing make sense and hobbits and orcs  show up in the story at least the rest of the episodes is filled with DaJung and Yul bed reading, kissing and making a child .If a drama is far-fetched and silly but ultimately works,then it is almost unfair for the writer to make a n about turn  at the end and try to be serious at the expense of giving viewers a satisfying payoff.I'll never understand the k-drama predilection to start off a Rom-com  with so much absurdity to sink a budge ( A Contract Marriage? Agreed to by a Prime Minister?) and insist on ending in a whimper of trying to please the sticklers for Convention and housewife mortality Clucking.So Yul 's first wife isn't dead - what the Freak!it is a legality only Yul  can rectify with a divorce and practicality of integrating her back into the lives of their kids gradually.The end.So easy.why  did this drama makes it such a prolonged bout of angst and woe.I finally reay to say out loud that Da Jung had a lobotomy in the last few episodes. She had a functioning brain about to think but her thought processes and personality morphed her into a wet blanket of a passive giver without any courage to be bold and forge her new path in her own life. Yul remains the stand out in this drama from the first frame to the last, a male lead of  amazing emotional fortitude and moral character who remain true to his own heart.Once he decided on something, he never wavered even it is going got tough.I lost all the ability to connect to Da Jung in this episode and by the end,just wanted the story to be over so I can moved on. 

On the First  and Second Day ,we went to my aunt place to Bai Nian and it was a wonderful day to meet up with my cousins and chat and collecting red packets and exchanging oranges.Very Happy .Really Must watch this show.