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Chapter 204. Bangkok Trip
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Dear Diary 

Hello Guyys ! It is the brand new year and my family brought us to Bangkok for a 5 days trip and we were so happy and excited. Let me share with you guys the exciting moment of my trip.

Day 1
Our journey starts here with my family and I check in at Terminal 2 Changi Airport at 8.00 am to Bangkok and we took Tiger Airways which departs at 10.55am and we went to DBS lounge for a wonderful breakfast as we did not had our breakfast.As we boarded the plane there was not much people as you know that the crisis in Bangkok were be shutdown due to protest.The pilot of the plane was so bad that there are many tuber lances.

 Upon Arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport , we rushes out the gate to our residential area at Chong Nonsi Station - The Empire Place to put down our luggage's to Siam and we took the BTS and we went to GreyHound Cafe for lunch for some delicious Thai food.The food and it is a must go place if you are going there.

Arguably the most famous cafe in Bangkok, Greyhound Cafe is one of my favourite places where I go for a good meal, people watch, and have a good time. Prices are very reasonable – in fact, I think it is very cheap for Bangkok standard. Pastas like fettuccini with shrimp, and spicy spaghetti Thai style are around B190-320. You can also get the famous Greyhound fried chicken wings (B110), and complicated salad to start.There were many locals there and there are many delicious food and they are not very expensive.Later that day, we went oppositeSiam Paragon to make our passport cover as it looks nice and the workmanship is very good and we shop around that area.

We went for dinner at Coffee Beans by Dao Cafe  which is the best Italian Food  . It is reasonable and the food is the best food I ever eaten and we passes by Harrolds Cafe which you see in London the Ambiance is good  .

Crispy Creme

We walked pass Crispy Kreme and my sister starts craving for it and my dad bought us.Later that night after our dinner, we decided to head back to our apartment for a rest.

Day 2

Early morning at 11 am we departed to Isao Sushi Bar which is known for its fusion sushi creations, is probably one of the hottest Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. It is the kind of place where you will go crazy and want to order everything from the menu. It is the kind of place which you hope nobody will discover because it is really that good.

Everyone comes here for the nice meal. My sister ordered Isao’s Chirashi (THB250 for a smaller portion during lunch, usual ala carte THB360) is equally impressive with a generous serving of fresh sashimi. It is ridiculously cheap and good. If I was staying in Bangkok, I would have this for lunch everyday.

                                       Jackie Sushi
When  we saw  another popular item, many people were eating it  which cost  (THB350), which is shaped in the form of a caterpillar. Shrimp tempura, ebiko, avocado are wrapped with ebi and it comes with a special savoury-sweet sauce. We appreciate how the chefs put in effort to make the sushi fun and interesting for diners but we were too full. Later that day we shop at Platinum market and there were many shops and we went shop by shop bought a few clothes. We went for delicious supper at After You Cafe which we could not find in one of the mall as it is close for renovation. 

Shibuya Toast
The Shibuya toast which is so nice  that makes you want to eat again .Which requires you to have maple sauce around the bread and it ice cream .It is a must if you ever go there.

Day 3 

Nara Thai Cuisine  restaurant was founded in 2003 by a group of female entrepreneurs, no wonder the lush royal purple colour scheme in the restaurant. The décor certainly combines a combination of traditional Thai extravagance meets modern chic. One thing about Thai restaurants, their attention to details from menu, service to setting is always top-notch. 
The customers at Central World seem to be a mixture of the well-to-do Thais from the higher society (you can see from their poise and dressing), expatriates and tourists.
The cost of such dishes – Chicken Pandan (165 Baht, $6.70), Thai Fish Cakes (210 Baht, $8.50), Green Curry Chicken (220 Baht, $8.90), Phai Thai Noodles (190 Baht, $7.70). While the prices are considered reasonable in Singapore’s context, in relative dishes like this would have cost 30 to 40 Baht at a Bangkok food court.
I had the Assorted Nara’s (300 Baht, $12.20), a platter of Crispy Fried Pork and Shrimp Wonton, Satay, Thai Fish Cakes, and Spring Rolls, complete with an orchid flower. In terms of the higher-scale restaurants in Bangkok (say those at Siam Paragon and Central World), Nara has one of the better offerings, with all the items quite appetising especially the satay.
Though some may argue you can’t take street food out of the streets – it’s a different story all together.
The other dishes such as Phad Thai Noodles (190 Baht, $7.70) and Green Curry Beef (220 Baht, $8.90) were decent choices, with some delicate final touches like the additional of crispy egg floss to the noodles which make the dish a little special than normal. The dishes are not as spicy and distinct as I would imagine to, most likely muted slightly to suit the palates of foreigners.

Nara is most famous for its Sukothai Kuay Tiew, rice noodles in hot & spicy tom yum soup with roasted pork, pork ribs and shrimp balls so that is on my to-order list the next time. 

 Later that lunch, we shop around Central World and  headed to Terminal 21  we went look for some household stuffs and my mum bought a ZARA jeans at ( $1490 Baht,$57) and I bought a pink mango Skirt at  ($250 Baht,$10 )  .At about 4pm, my sister told me of a very nice dessert place was Mr Jones Orphanage which sells a wide range of dessert .

Also on Seenspace Thonglor Soi 13 is Mr Jones Orphange, an uber cute cafe that serves drinks and desserts.Contradicting its name, it is a whimsical place with decorations that you would never imagine – a carousel filled with fruits and soft toys, furniture that looked like they jumped out of kids storybooks; a dessert shrine with a mind-blowing selection of homemade goodies.

My Sister Hot Chocolate Lava Cake- Icecream

I had Triple Chocolate cheese Cake

Day 4 

We took a cab to Central World and we went to Zen and we bought some cushions for my house it was quite cheap and raasonable  and went for lunch as Somtam.The food was not as nice as  NARA THAI food .Not recommended you all to go as it does not taste that fantastic. 



After that my parents we decided to go for a massage at Healthland while me and my sister and I went to Platinum Market again and we bought quite alot of clothes this time round, I bought 2 Dresses ( $600 baht, $23 ),1 yellow Blouse ( $250 Baht,$9.58) 1 Wallet ( $100 baht ,$4) a pair of Chanel Earing ($20 baht,$0.80) A purple bag( $400 Baht,$16) and a Naraya Cosmetic Pouch.A jacket ( $300 baht, $12).

At 7 pm we took the BTS back to meet our parents as we book a place at Blue Elephant Restaurant.It is a fine dining.Housed within a 3-storey colonial-styled building, Blue Elephant is the place to go for exquisite Thai cuisine. With their renowned cooking school and branches around the world, you can expect to be pampered with elegant furnishing, detailed services and cutleries fit for royalty!
Presented with the drink menu before ordering food items, mum ,sister and I had the fruit juices ready to put out any upcoming fire, while dad was adventurous enough to make it even hotter with a Heineken .
The interesting thing about Blue Elephant's menu was how they divided it into cooking of the pastcuisine of today and kitchen of tomorrow, each with unique choices of spices and ingredients. Fancy Thai Tamarind Sauce with Foie Grus? Not today, I'm here for the good old traditional stuff!

The food was so delicious and it was the last Thai meal for the trip.It is a must try when you go to Bangkok.

Day 5

Stuff bought - Not the full items

As for our last day ,we went a short shopping  at Chatuchak Market for some coconut drink and bought some household stuff before heading to the airport to Singapore.We had a wonderful trip.