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Chapter 203. Hongkong and Macau trip
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Dear Diary

My family and I went to Hongkong and Macau For a  8 days trip and it was an eventful day for us.We stay 2 nights at Marriott SkyCity Hotel and It was really beautiful. On our first day we took a free shuttle to Tung Chung  Station and went shopping that area as we arrive there late from our arrival from Taiwan.

Durrian desset @ Causeway Bay

Hongkong Train Map

Day 1
We took a train to Causeway Bay  to try Wanton noodles opposite Times Square,The restaurant has a yellow sign board. The food was nice and we went to Tim Ho Wan for dinner and there was a long queue and may people for waiting their turn. The food was delicious.

Day 2
Early  next Morning we started  our journey at Prince Edward station to Allied Plaza where there was alot of youngster clothes from Korea and was a little like Bugis Street.The weather was good and cold and rainy and went to Fa Yuen Street which sells many ladies fashion street and ate Frog leg porridge and the restaurant staff were very friendly and we try  the hotel food for dinner at Man Ho  Restaurant .The food were average but has a slow service and were rude.

Causway Bay -Wanton Mee

Day 3
We  went to Macau for two days and we took a train to Chai Wan for a ferry. We went for lunch at Ajisen and we ordered a bowl each,Upon Arrival at Macau,We took a cab to Buckingham Place where we stay for two nights and it was like an apartment and went to shop around and dry the national Delicacies in Macau and had a nice buffet at Swissotel  . 

Day 4
Early next morning, We took a bus and head off to Reins of  St Paul and Serenado Square and there was alot of people and we took alot of pictures and try out their almond cookies.It was really good and try out their Portugese Restaurant "Gola" .The  food was not too expensive and were nice. After that , We headed to Venician, Galaxy Hotel  and Hymm   to walk and see the casino but we did not gamble.

Day 5
We took a ferry back to Hongkong For the remaining days.We went  for dinner at Lee Theatre and Milamar Plaza at Tsim Sa Shui for Dim Sum at Hsu Village  the food was delicious and  went a little shopping before going  back to the hotel to rest and went for Jaccuzi and Steam bath. There was alot of China tourist at my hotel.

Day 6
My sister and I went to Disney Land and we try the many rides there and we took alot of pictures with the mascot and many interesting ride like the car rides and Mystic Manor. 

Day 7 /Day 8
It  was an eventful trip in Hongkong with my family.Looking  forward for  my next trip and I love my new bag from Hongkong.