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Chapter 207.ZEN Japanese Crusine with Sister and Mum
January 27, 2014 - Permalink - 6 Comments
Dear Diary

We all know that the Clarke QuayRiver Valley and Robertson areas are big on Japanese food. But little did i know i've been missing out on the biggest in-plain-sight gem, Z'en Japanese Cuisine, for so long. I've walked past (and even through) this restaurant at UE Square too many times and i can't believe i never considered going in.   

To my defense, i only visit Robertson with restaurants already in mind like Gyu Kaku or Chikuwatei or Foodbar DaDa or coffee at Toby's... In short, there are just too many things to eat/check out. Well. Z'en finally popped up on my radar when i did some searching around for Shabu Shabu to satisfy my craving .

Dinner reservation was made for 3 to have some Japanese meal which was so good. As it was fully recommended by my dad and his friends and the food was good.

Z’en (a sister outlet of En Japanese Dining Bar) is run by executive chef, Masashi Yasui from Kyoto. You'll be dizzy with choices just looking at the  menu  and there are a lot more in the main one. I would highly recommend the lunch set meal  for the quality items and reasonable price. Lunch prices are listed at the end of the post and it's cheaper to go on weekdays (i don't know why but i'm not complaining). 
I was looking forward to lots of nice meal like the salmon after a recent authentic meal. Z'en serves both the brinjal with meat and mxed set . Needless to say, we went for the Yummy set A ( $20). The meal that comes with  a mixed salmon with Rice and  Shobba( Hot or Cold) .It would if it is Hot Shoba , Salad and Icecream.
Other than the Shobha Noodles, other items include seaweed . The noodles which are nice and thin which makes it easier to eat. I wasn't expecting very high quality soup as it  taste  nicer like Miso Soup anyway so it met my expectations. The Salad was nice too as well as the tempura with small amounts of rice and the salmon was nicely torched. If you must, try the other set meal which comes with  tofu,salad main meal which includes the  fried pork , salmon and Salmon  which Includes coffee or tea  and a hot udon too  (,S$16).

A mix of texture is perfect for breaking the of tempura prawn and sweet potato but go easy on these, if not you'll feel really full after a while. 

The hot udon wasn't too spicy  either as it taste very nice just like eating the spices of the pizza as well as the salad the sauces taste so nice rather than the normal thousand Island sauce
Desserts weren't that fantastic but i ate some anyway. You need a sweet end to every meal. Skip the chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The green tea one is a little too milky as well. The Tofu cheesecake and Creme Brulee were adequate in taste and texture. 

Thankfully, the food meets our expectation.and We Would Come again.

There were many dishes that we didn't try but we were very happy with most of the items which we had. My Family were quite happy with my restaurant choice, even the picky W. I will probably be back when my Shabu craving kicks in again. 

Service was a little slow  and they have the tendency to forget your orders so place more in advance. Wastage is charged though so don't over-order!

Make a reservation! It's very popular. Have an overeating weekend! Cheers!

Zen Japanese Cuisine
205 River Valley Road
UE Square #01-75
Tel: +65 6732-3110
Weekdays: 12 - 2.30 pm; 6 -11.30pm
Weekends & PH: 6 - 11.30pm