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Cʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs 120.Hᴏɴɢᴋᴏɴɢ-Gᴜᴀɴɢᴢʜᴏᴜ- Sʜᴇɴᴢʜᴇɴ (Pᴀʀᴛ 1)
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Dear Diary


My Family and I went to Hongkong   to find my cousin Tanya.It was a very enjoyable trip and I was looking forward for this very day as I had long wanted to go to Hongkong .I bought a lot of stuff and really enjoyed myself .The food was delicious and the hotel was nice   .Here the itenary .Bought alot of expensive geniune goods like clothes and bags I went to Shenzhen and Guangzhou .

8 may

- Arrive Hongkong International Airport
- Took the Airport Express to Hongkong Station-shuttle service to JW MARRIOTT
-Check In to JW Marriott for 3 days
-Walk to Admiralty station
-Went to Causeway Bay to meet my cousin
-Bought my Jeans from Bershka

-Went for the best wonton noodle and ate fried fish flour balls.
-Shop at Forever 21 and hidden streets
-Check back at hotel JW marriott for the day.

9 may

-Shop with my family at Causeway Bay as my cousins is busy .
-Bought my COACH spectacles and check my eye sight.
-my sister bought 2 clothes
-Try Gong Cha -Passionfruit
-Ate Shanghai Porridge- NICE
-Went to LEE theatre for eat Hongkong Cantonese restaurant
-walk along the streets and saw Keewah cookies coffee - bought 6 packs.

10 may

-Went for breakfast at the dim-sum stall (nt that fantastic)
-Met cousin @ Central
-shop along the street saw AGNES B restaurant and the stuff are expensive.
-Beef Noodle soup was nice -Long Queue
-Went to H & M and bought a dress and a blouse.
-my cousin went to met client and return @ 3
-Tea break - Dim sum again
-Went to Tsim Sa Tsui and transfer to Hom Lom station to buy train tickets to Guangzhou for tommorrow.
-Went back to  Tsim Sa Tsui and went K11 to shop ! ( Wow clothes are not cheap )
-Went for Empire pekking Duck restaurant

11 may

Our room

Swissotel Sunrich Guangzhou

-check out JW Marriott Hongkong
-Depart to Hom Lom station to Guangzhou
-Arrive Guangzhou by train and Check in to Swissotel Sunrich
-Went to Tee Mall
-Saw a bag I like S$ 80
-Was raining went to drop by Shangrila
-went for dinner - the waitress was damn impatience .
-Enjoy the hotel room.

12 may

-Went to Guangzhou Friendship store and Bought Abercombie and Fitch, Burberry,and a tee shirt.
-Went to KFC for lunch
-shop back again and  bought more clothes.
-Went to beijing road to see the history behind it
-Return back to hotel
-Ate KFC and Macs

13 May

-Went to Kohpok Wholesale Market and bought some accessories,clothes and bags and Chanel Belt.
-My mum bought a bag
-My sister bought a cute handphone case
-Depart the mal and back to hotel to check out to head off to Shenzhen

14 may

-Took a speedtrain to shenzhen
-Check in to Novotel Watergate
-The hotel features were lousy NO WI-FI in rooms and safe box not working.
-Went for dinner at City Plaza -food was lousy
-bought fruits to hotel

15 may

Novotel Watergate-shenzhen

-Went to some wholesale market again and do some last minute shopping
-Depart Shenzhen Novotel and Headed back to Hongkong.
-Arrive hongkong
-check back at JW Marriott
-Headed to Causeway Bay to collect my COACH Spectacles
-Ate our last dinner at wonton noodles

16 may

-Check out JW MArriott
-Headed to Harbourcity at Tsim Sa Tsui Station
-Realise we left passport at the hotel
-Went back to Check and found the passport
-headed to HK station and check in
-depart hongkong to Singapore