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Chapter 218. Fairytale Enchanted Pandora Inspired
August 1, 2014 - Permalink - 4 Comments
Dear Diary 

It is a wonderful Friday night .I wanna share my moments with all of you .I  love to shared with you my joy and excitement .I had my upcoming Pandora Bracelt.It is the most priced-love bracelt ever since my mum bought for me as a gift of UnForgetable moments . It is the best gift ever.

It is a fairytale charms and enchanted designs created by Noi and I really love the designs as it is so pretty on any pretty women who loved charms on any age groups. She is a nice women who help me customized them and friendly.Why Fairytale and Enchanted ? Well Fairytale and Enchanted is beautiful to be in the wonderland where everything seems to be like a dream with full of Love ,Joy  where realty does not have .Thanks to her Pandora makes it ALIVE in its Pandora Box .

The bracelt on top is embraided  by myntshop .It looks so good on my wrist with the beloved Love dove and Rockstar.Happy Fridays ?  Do you want  one like this ?

love dove