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Chapter 217.{ETUDE HOUSE White Moistfull Cream}
July 26, 2014 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary 

This blogs first review will be on Etude House's White Moistfull Cream! A daily moisturiser that is advertised to both hydrate and whiten/brighten skin. The White Moistfull range is quite large and includes an essence, spot lightening treatment and cleanser as well as a few other products if I am not mistaken. Now onto the review - 

I purchased this cream for around $20 from the eBay seller The prices are higher than retail but the products are authentic and shipping is free). The jar contains 50ml of product and is glass with a plastic lid and spatula. I am not crazy on the packaging as I find jar creams to be a little unhygienic. I am also paranoid about dropping the cream as I'm sure the pot will not survive the fall (if you've watched To The Beautiful You you will know what I mean)... The front label is also a sticker. Really not a big deal but I think it cheapens the look of the product a little. 

The ingredients list is in Korean, so I have no idea what is says; but to those of you that can read hangul perhaps you could tell me. Advertised ingredients include baobab extract, rose hip oil and pearl ingredients. The first two would be for moisture whilst the pearl should whiten and brighten. 

The creams smell is not noticeable, and if I had to describe it I would say it has a very faint fresh floral scent similar to many Etude House products. Texture wise it is more of a thick gel, and has small white beads running throughout. I'm not entirely sure what the purpose is of the 'beads', but my best guess would be that this is where the pearl ingredient is found. 

Now the big question is does it work? Well honestly, I would say yes and no. I am already incredibly fair, so was not expecting massive lightening results on my skin. In fact I mainly use whitening products to lighten acne scars I have around my chin. After using this product for a around 6 weeks I have seen no change in my skin. So if you are looking for a whitening product I would not recommend this cream, HOWEVER, as an everyday moisturiser I think it is acceptable. My skin type is pretty much normal, with a few hormonal breakouts and blackheads from time to time. I used this cream at night as the last step in my routine. It is not overly hydrating that I would wake up oily in the morning, nor does it leave my skin feeling dry or lacking in moisture. Immediately after application my skin looks bright and hydrated. In the morning my complexion is even and soft. 

In conclusion 

- For normal/combination skin this is a good basic moisturiser -
- Leaves skins oil levels feeling balanced -
- Noticeable immediate brightening effect after application -
- Didn't breakout or aggravate my skin -
- Relatively inexpensive -

- Did not whiten skin as advertised -
- Not suitable for overly oily or dry skin - 
- Packaging cute but not practical or hygienic -
- A fairly small amount of product per jar - 

Although a nice basic moisturiser, I will not be repurchasing this cream again. It does not whiten as advertised, and as I am now 20 I am really looking to invest in preserving my skin (wrinkles scare me eek!) I think the next cream I try will be Missha's infamous Snail Cream! If anybody has any other recommendations please let me know.