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Chapter 226 : Lunch with Cousin from HK
March 17, 2015 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

It  has almost three years where I last met my cousin who lives in Hongkong for almost 10 years and we decided to meet  her for lunch at Hyatt Hotel with my family and uncle and Aunty.It has been such a long time and we all have grown so much and everyone seems to change and it have so many things to share and talk about, as we ate and chatted till it was 3pm  Before long , she will be meeting her friends and heading back to Hongkong.

Later in the afternoon , we went shopping at Orchard Road  and we went to shop for stuffs and my cousins went to meet her friends while my parents and uncle and I went  our way shopping.Went to M&S for the food sector which has promotions of bread at 50% after 8pm and brought some bread and head for Hongkong  dinner at Shaw Centre.Begfore going home.