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March 10, 2010 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary
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I am back from my school exam for   Writing for business ,The paper sucks alot .I say appeal letter comes out it really comes out.I really hope I pass can already. Today went for my last paper of HUMAN RESOURCE ADMINSTRATION, I manage to do the paper  well .I can do at least 70%-80% correct. BTW, we lost our way to exam hall as it is surpose to be at THE FUNCTION HALL not in the INDOOR SPORTS HALL. 

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Went out with CONNIE after exam , We went to her house as she need to change her clothes to SGH and she went for x-ray sleeping test,while waiting for her i play her IPHONE Games .Then Headed to Bugis to buy my bag as it is torn The bag i bought cost $35.90 and the person gave me $30 then i short of the sales people refuse so we walk out twice the final around after that i went i went home to take cash went down yo bugis again to buy it .The sales people sell me @ $28 ?so good...

Bought the bag and after that I went to Connie friend" Vivien " shop to meet her friend help her take care ? They went to the toilet ,Vivien friend taught who am I ?So funny?
It is holiday now ? I AM FINALLY FREE FROM STUDYING FOR A MONTH:) ? SO happy today.