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February 9, 2010 - Permalink - 0 Comments

Dear Diary

Today I went to NDC (NATIONAL DENTAL CENTRE) at Outrum ,Went there at 9am .The dental say, that I need to do jaw surgery as my teeth case is unusal second case the person who has the similar problem is under surgery too .It cost 7k .I want to do no choice .but think of the $$$ so scarry .If dont do ,it will worsen .2 choice -put like denctures to make my lower jaws straighten but must wear it 24/7 and mouth cant be close must wear it for one yr ,another option use screw if not successful must go surgery...This thurs must go for Cleaning and after CNY muz go down again to gif a reply for the surgery and make appt.Then I met my SC Nurse friend @ NDC there.Then after that my dad meeting Uncle Robert and we go JB ,bought a pair of school shoes for 85 .90 ringitt singapore 43 bucks...