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January 31, 2010 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary 
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꽃송이를 꺾어 머리에 씌워주니, 멋진 모자가 되었어요~ ^^
Friday ,I had my Powerpoint presentation for Entrepreneur,I was very  nervous as usual .It is about Motivation Talks.Finally over for PROJECT 2 still got project 3 .I went to NKF for my cca work ,Seeing the patient suffering through blood diaysis.When i first went in ,I was freaky scarred and dont know what to do ..I juz keep smiling so that they cant see that ur heart pains inside.I chatted with the people there they are very friendly ,I chatted with the lady there and she was also working in admin dept before so I got some insights and experience of worklife.Chatted with a 75 year women abt her husband and she told me that everyday she cooks for her husband and came diaysis once a few weeks ,she doesnt want her husband to see her pains and so she ask her husband not to follow .So Sweet ...Make roses and cards for them and learn alot of thing from here...My fear was GONE.. Cheer up MAS,NIkita,MAY--cos they lost their bag in the library hope they will find their stuff .