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February 24, 2010 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

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엄마, 세상에 뭐가 이렇게 차가운게 다 있어요?

Today ,Me and Connie were late for Entrepreneur class as there was presentation my group have finally finish .We did not went to class as there was presentation on as it was rude .I waited outside with Connie .After Entrepreneur Class, I waited and apologise to Mr Rafael as I was late ,Mr Rafael and Miss Angie talk to Connie and I dont know what they were talking .They were hush on her.She cried .I console her.She talked to the Section Head from Accounting so I waited for her outside.
Mas,Me,Melissa,Nikita and Gudden went for human resource presentation.I presented my part and was well done.I was blur when there was Q and A question dont know what to answer.Thought was the positive and negative side of the project but was not .Overall .It was good. " Connie cheer up"