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Chapter 229 :Meeting Yutakis and Miyake @ ETUDE
July 30, 2016 - Permalink - 1 Comments
Dear Diary

It was a great event to meet Yutakis and Miyake at Life Is Sweet Event collaborated by Etude House Singapore.It was a great and eventful where I was invited  by Miyake and Yutakis .I was overwhelmed by the welcoming of invitation and dance by Starseconds. We play games like memory  of products and other games. I wasn't selected to play the games but nevertheless was invited to join Miyake Team but both of them invited but I have no Choice to join Miyake Team . It was great to  join her and meet her in person.

Miyake and Me
I was glad to meet new friends from Miyake  Team. She so Gorgeous and Nice to meet both of them as it was  my first time meeting them .Well, What surprise me was the friendship built in this event was to have and to interact with Yutakis and Miyake. They are so cute and Sweet.
Yutakis and Me
Omo... Yutakis has been my fan and supporter since he and Miyake was selected to be the ambassador  of Etude House. I was glad to win his private ultimate giftaway in his Instagram .Thanks to him because I have never won such a wonderful giftaway from Yutakis. Thanks Yutakis. Hope to see Yutakis and Miyake again in the next event if opportunity occurs.
Group Photos with Yutakis
Thanks Yutakis for the wonderful products in the Ultimate  Life Is Sweet Event .Thou I didn't the Grand Prize but overall I have great fun and it is not the money that matters but is the friendships we build through the event.

Giftaway won by Yutaki's