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Chapter 228 : Etude House Face Blur Review
March 26, 2015 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

I finally got my hands on Etude House’s Beauty Shot Face Blur which I’ve already talked about here. Although I received this in the post about two weeks ago, I wanted to test this out properly before giving you guys my final verdict.

To summarise quickly – The Beauty Shot Face blur is a cream used to smooth out the skin and hide your pores. It promises to deliver you a flaw free photoshop finish to your skin.
Well, we will see about that!

So this is what the bottle looks like. It comes in a cute peach coloured bottle with a push dispenser at the top.

And here is the packaging.

At first I wasn’t quite sure how to use this! Was it meant to be a CC cream? A tinted moisturiser? I would say it’s more like a primer. As directed by the packaging, it states that you should apply the product after moisturising.
This is what the cream looks like. I would say as far as cream goes…this is a relatively normal looking cream.

Once you smooth it over your skin, it leaves a slightly pink pearlised finish over your skin.

So does the face blur perform as promised?

I have some pigmented marks and scars on my cheek so I was hoping the face blur would truly conceal it. Now I hate sharing BEFORE pictures but for the sake of this review, I will take one for the team and show you. As you can see, the left panel is my skin with nothing at all and shot in what can only be described as the most unflattering lighting ever known to mankind. ARGH THE HORROR!!!!!!

The right panel, shows you my face with the face blur beauty shot used under makeup. For this I used it in conjunction with the precious mineral any cushion. It was given as an example on the Etude House website. I thought it looked like a great combination! Looking at these images closely, I can see that the beauty shot seems to smooth out the appearance of the pigmented areas.
However I’m not a fan of the precious mineral any cushion. I find it far too shiny looking for my skin. I was really hoping that the beauty shot face blur might improve its usage for me but alas it does not.
Since I dislike the precious mineral any cushion (I also find that etude house skin products usually make me look ghostly pale which is not what I’m aiming for (I like looking rosy and healthy! :D) I decided to ditch the precious mineral cushion and use the beauty shot face blur with my usual products.
I have to say I think the beauty shot LOOKS and works WAY BETTER. You can see in the picture below. I actually thought my photograph was blurred but it’s really not! It’s the face blur.

After I applied the beauty shot face blur, I used my favourite products. First I pressed the innisfree long wear cc cushion over my skin to even out the skin tone. Once that was done, I patted a tiny bit of skinfood bb cream over the pigmented area. You can tell when you apply your makeup on top of it, the application goes on so much smoother. I like that the face blur gives your skin an added glow due to the pearly finish it leaves on your skin.
I recently went on a trip to Paris and took this along with me. Upon review of all my shots, I can see that my skin looks seriously so smooth! There is honestly no need for beauty filters. I think this product does the trick and I sincerely recommend you all try it out.