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Dear Diary

Shining Inheritance

Today, I went back to school for International POP concert by ACCA .There was no school every Friday But it was pretty fun yeah..Make new friends most of them from Accounting and Sports Management and I am the only one in ADMIN .It is about accounts ,Marketing and Event Management . " It is about Planning a concert the scenairo is : You are a pop concert organizer ,and you and your team of 4 to 6 members hopes to make as much money as posssible organising a pop concert .You would have decide on the venue that you would use and the band to stage.

There are four bands to choose from :
1. Monster of POP ( cost $20 000)
2.The Party (cost $150 000)- My group chose tis
3.The Remedy (cost $100 000) -My group chose tis
4.Robbie Jones (cost $50 000)
The Four Venues are :
1. Queen Victoria Hall ( capacity 10,000 , price $20,000)
2.Strawberry fields ( capacity 40,000 , price $50,000)
3.The arena ( capacity 20,000 , price $30,000) -- My group chose tis
4.Wanderers Sports Stadium ( capacity 40,000 , price $30,000)
Cost consideration when runnning an event :
- Communications
- Crew
-Crowd control
-Health and Safety
-Power and Lightings
We have alot of fun ...I cant wait to watch Shining Inheritance...(here are some of the pictures)